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i tend to use competitive games for communication mostly. i talk more on teamchat than i ever talk in real life/work.

for me its easier to talk there over the mic because i dont know these people at all. so i can pretend i am positive all the time.

i play overwatch mostly. (quickplay) many people there ask me if i am always so positive because i come across as positive on the mic apparently. i am the kind of guy who never gets angry because i know that its only a game. i am always positive and try to convince others to talk more on teamchat. i make a lot of bad jokes until the people start to talk

i dont play ranked because people are toxic there because they all care about their rank and i am not really good at the game. i am average at best.

but quickplay is good for people who hate competitive i think because people are not so toxic there because there is no rank to lose. its all more casual there. i played rounds where our team talked about their hobbies and favorite movies on voice teamchat and still we beat the enemy team

i can only recommend overwatch quickplay for people who hate pvp games because of their toxicity.

@Mister Fahrenheit :

if you ask if others have these feelings. yes. many people have them. in overwatch ranked it is called "ranked fear/anxiety" or "competitive fear/anxiety". even good players stop playing ranked sometimes because they have a fear of losing the rank they are in so they just stop playing.

there are people who are gm and next season they fall to lower ranks. i know many people like that. so they just stop playing because they dont want to fall in rank.

that is the reason why i only play quickplay and not ranked. because i know i would have this fear too. but this fear doesnt exist in quickplay at all because there are no ranks there
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