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Originally Posted by Karsten View Post
They make the initial investment by charming you, making you feel special - catering to your insecurities, thinking you've FINALLY found someone who appreciates you. Then, once you're hooked, they feed off your commitment to validate themselves. That's when they start withdrawing, gaslighting, etc. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

But all of it starts with your own emptiness, because if you had a sense of purpose and self respect, then you'd have boundaries and wouldn't fall for half their **** to begin with. Also, and I really don't know crap about psychology so maybe someone can correct me on this, but I don't think type Bs go after people with confidence - it intimidates them.
Wow, I've got to be careful, bc I'm a lonely person looking for the right friends. it's bc I have social anxiety that's why it's so hard. if I ever did receive someone like this, it would be my first time and I wouldn't ever like that to be my first time, that's the hardest! Everyone, be careful!
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