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Yeah, I was worried but I passed both. No, it's not as effective as drugs but the side effects of drugs are not worth it in my opinion.

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I spent alot of money on cbd and I don't think it's worth the money. It does work but not as good as I wanted it to work. I used it for several months and had a couple random drug tests while taking the strictly cbd ISOLATE. It's a weird coincidence that I have not had a drug test since I stopped taking it but it worked best when vaped.
So I assume you had no fails on your drug test while you were on it?

So you said it worked but not as good as you wanted it to work. Was it more effective then other medications you have been on? Such as SSRI if you have been on them before? I was thinking if it worked as well as SSRi's without the side effects they have it could be worth it
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