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Little things kind of tell you a bit about others' character. Went to check the laundry machines to see if they were occupied or not and that blonde girl was using the dryer. I went back down again after she brought up her stuff. Guess who left the light on in the laundry room and the basement? And also left a whole crap load of lint on the dryer screen? Ding dong obviously once again forgot a tissue in her laundry too. Forgetful or inconsiderate? I'm not sure. But the moving in at 1am, screaming at upstairs neighbor to shut up, hiding a dog and also possibly hiding a boyfriend from the landlord (not that I give a flying f**k about our slumlord).

Hehehehe...I'll eat crow. My MP3 player went in the washing machine last night. Nearly went through the dry cycle too which would have been a disaster of melting plastic. Turned-on the dryer and heard some clunkety noise and thought it was my jacket's zipper, so went to go look. Nope, it was the MP3 player.

I bought it 2/22/2015 for $36. RIP Sandisk.
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