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I'm going to explain this for the LAST time. What dad's problem is has NOTHING to do with cost of driving when he's constantly driving me to Ajax, or to bowling on Monday nights. Once a BLOODY week he goes into TORONTO to have a LUNCH with a friend of his. And constantly ONCE a week he goes up NORTH to hurt with a DIFFERENT friend of his.

Dad's problem:

Dad is part of a gun club somewhere in Toronto (he just joined this year). He isn't in the habit of checking junk mail so today sometime AFTER he dropped me off he discovered that he could get a lower membership ($5 less then whatever he has currently) at the same club and the deadline for that is this Saturday. He was ticked off about THAT. And when he collected me from the grocery store he started saying all that NASTY stuff after asking me why I brought 2 and a half slices back to (town). "IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOSSED IN THE GARBAGE" (waste of good cake) " Nasty? YOU BEEN NASTY SINCE THE DAY YOU WERE BORN" (all I said before he said that and I was in tears "you're being really nasty at the moment") and his 'ALL YOU DO IS SIT ON YOUR BEHIND ALL DAY" (Doesn't he do excatly the same thing?) "I WILL NEVER DRIVE YOU ANYWHERE AGAIN AND THAT INCLUDES BOWLING". Can you imagine how HURT I must have felt having to listen to that CRAP in the car when I did NOTHING to deserve it?

I would have been better of having my ****ING arms dropped off by carrying the cake ALL the WAY home instead of listening to that S.H.I.T. in the ****ing CAR.
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