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Originally Posted by Mondo_Fernando View Post

Ok, you tried.

Apart from that, keeping distance. It is all you can do.

Just saying don't stoop to that level of behaviour.

You are better than that.
You aren't even LISTENING to anything i'm saying.

Dad's angry about something to do about gun club he joined. (something about less money). He didn't learn about the less money thing until today (after he dropped me off at my program). I had a fine day until Dad collected me from the grocery store (my arm was falling off from carrying 2 and 1/2 slices of cake home ) As soon as I got in the car he was like "YOU SHOULD HAVE TOSSED IT IN THE GARBAGE" or "YOU BEEN NASTY SINCE YOU WERE BORN" or "YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING BUT SIT ON YOUR BEHIND ALL DAY" or 'I'M NEVER DRIVING YOU ANYPLACE (INCLUDING BOWLING) AGAIN"

I literally DID NOT DO ANYTHING to have been treated like goddam crap in the ****ing car and Dad treat me like he wants me to move out of the house ASAP.
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