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Originally Posted by HeatherGrey View Post
Yeah, There are some people who Should NOT be psychiatrists. I had this one named Margaret and she was MEAN. Should would constantly blame me for almost everything and literally yell at her patients! There was a fully grown man who went to the receptionist desk one day and said that he was very uncomfortable with her! My mom came into the app with me once and she said that she reminded her of her mom, who was bipolar and untreated! She basically said that her mother treated her the same way that, that doctor had treated me. (her mother once hit her on the head with a diaper hamper and my mom got a huge gash from it, she was about 6 years old? That terrible woman gave her a dirty diaper to clean the blood. WHAT!?)

I changed from that doctor to another in the same facility and she told me to research my own medications! She constantly went on vacation and was barely ever there to help me. She seemed to only care about her paycheck and vacation time, OF COURSE!
Jesus, you've had some real beauties. Yeah, that last guy I saw managed to be sort of rude but also lacking in communication skills both at the same time.

He had this big sign out in the waiting room about how violence towards staff would not be tolerated. I understood why while I was talking to him because all I wanted to do was wrap his computer monitor around his head.
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