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I think Sylvannas has always been a great subterfuge character/ leader. Doing dirty work behind the scenes... but as a front and center Warchief? It's true what they say; if you like a character, pray Blizzard ignores them.
lol. At least Vol'jin was warchief for a short while.

I realise this isn't TV/film but close enough and there is a Warcraft film actually now. And though these were the most annoying and recent examples that annoyed me/come to mind really it's just the way villains in general are portrayed. But also and this is particular to these examples there's this idea that they're neutral factions or supposed to be but they still make one side obviously bad in a dumb *** binary way. At least Warcraft queercodes a bit less.

Some people heard my words and thought it meant they knew me
Truth is, I don't exist, I'm just a soundtrack to your movie
Some background figure in a story that's already scripted
And what I feel's just felt for you to hear me ****ing spit it
I jump in many different heads through these words and poems
Always hoping maybe the next leap'll be my leap home

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