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Hi, I'm New Here

I am new. I have become very frustrated with my limited abilities. I noticed I can no longer even socialize properly online. I want to try, and I thought a social anxiety forum might be a good place. It seems that every time I try to interact with people online, I get backlash and teasing or I am completely ignored and I hate it because it reminds me of how grade school was.

I am very much open to constructive criticism because I really want to know how I come across online and if I seem rude or creepy. I have always had difficulties but I want to better understand if its pure anxiety or ignorance of social norms on top of that.

I haven't had friends or had a real conversation with anyone who's not family in a long time. I lost my internet skills because I have spent a long time away from posting anywhere. I was embarrassed by a lot of negative feedback as a preteen/teen and it drove me away but I can't use avoidance as a coping mechanism if I want to be better.

I see this post is pretty long compared to the other introduction posts so I apologize if that is inappropriate.
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