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How are you liking the time change?

If you live in area observing time change to standard time, how are you liking it or not?

For me I actually don't mind it too much. It's helpful in a way, since when I get home from work I know I only have about an hour before dark. So I usually go for my evening walk/run early. Then when I get back I take a shower and it's still only about 7 PM, and I'm finished with dinner by 8:30. I mean, I can't believe it's only 9:40 right now even.

So generally, I've been getting to bed earlier, since it feels late and I'm usually tired out by 10-11 PM. And that means I wake up earlier which is nice, since I can lie in bed for a bit before I get up. Before the clocks moved back I didn't wake up until I really had to get out of bed for work.

Also last weekend I went to bed pretty early and Sunday I woke up at about 6:30 and just stayed in bed for a few hours reading, which was especially nice since it was quite cold.

On Friday nights it's been weird though, because I go to the gym after work and it was usually light for about an hour after I got done working out, then suddenly it's dark before I even get to the gym.

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