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Originally Posted by Canadian Brotha View Post
I’m isolators because of my character but also by choice, often times I just find it an easier way to cope than trying and failing to fit in
Well, not only did I usually fail to fit in if I tried. I also found it pretty unsatisfying if I somehow managed to shoehorn myself into some kind of a social group. Because it was always just an act anyway and it becomes pretty exhausting after awhile to always have to be someone you aren't. And eventually people figure it out anyway. Sooner or later I would always do something that made it obvious and could totally see/perceive the shift in the way people interacted with me once they realized I totally didn't belong. It's actually kind of comical in some cases because they knew and I knew they knew and they knew that I knew they knew but I kept the act up anyway just to see how long it would take them to finally break the stalemate and drop the act.

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