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Groupmate backstab me to teacher, will it affect my grade?

In one of my class, I have to do a group presentation with two other members, I shall name them as Jane and Mary. Everything started off well but after our second meeting, Janeís attitude towards me changed. I figure there could be two possible reasons, either I was being critical towards her ideas and made her angry, or she could be jealous of me (she said my ideas was wonderful for at least 3 times).

Subsequently, I realized Mary started treating me differently as well. When I arrived to them at the desk, they will suddenly stop talking and stay silent, as if they freezed. They also have a habit of gossiping about (a lot of) other people because they did it in front of me. So I am pretty sure they were talking behind my back in a negative way. However, because I will only be seeing them temporary, I can still close my eyes to this.

The main issue is that I think Jane has complained to our teacher about me, and am worried that it will affect my grades. There was once we book a group discussion slot with our teacher, however, I realized Jane has, behind Mary and my back, book another personal discussion slot with our teacher prior to our group discussion. When Mary and I arrived at our teacherís office, Jane was already there, and during the discussion, our teacher started to mention about the importance of working together as a team, as it is a good opportunity to gain experience prior to the working world etc. Which is weird because we were supposed to discuss about art history and our research. So it is likely that Jane complained to our teacher about me.

Will this affect how our teacher grades my presentation? Although it is a group presentation, the grading is individual. In addition, our teacher is not very fond of me since I was being critical towards her during class, and she did not respond to my critical views well. What should I do now?
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