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Psychedelic Medicine, Therapy and Science #3

Continuing this thread.
An interview with a psychedelic therapist with a lot of experience who also wrote a book. Podcast.

Episode Breakdown

  • the nuances of where trauma comes from
  • how psychedelic therapy heals trauma
  • developmental/attachment traumas are more insidious
  • regression and re-parenting during psychedelic experiences
  • the importance of having a sitter to do the deep healing work
  • psychedelics may or may not completely heal people from trauma
  • expansion; contraction
  • the importance of doing the shadow work outside of the psychedelic experiences as well
  • why and when to provide different psychedelics in therapy
    • MDMA therapy
      • contraindications to MDMA
      • dangers of constipation before MDMA?
    • LSD Therapy
    • Psilocybin Therapy
    • Cannabis as a psychedelic and an agent of therapy
    • combining MDMA and Psilocybin
    • combining MDMA and LSD
    • combining LSD and Psilocybin
  • what does the therapy look like before and after the journey
  • a list of who should NOT work with psychedelic therapy and why
  • a case for the value of pharmaceutical antidepressants
  • the complexities (and prevalence) of trauma from satanic ritual abuse
  • encounters with demonic forces during psychedelic therapy
  • the most important piece of advice for being a psychedelic sitter

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