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I lived in 3 different countries, besides the US.

Border hopping:
As a child we went to Vancouver a few times since we were living in Bellingham for 2 years. Have no memory of it since I was only 7 or 8 at the time. I do sort of remember seeing lots of cars with Canadian plates in Bellingham. I think at the time shopping in the US was cheaper.

Went to Tijuana with my sister once for a couple days around Thanksgiving. It's a short greyhound trip from Los Angeles where we were living. Stayed one night. The main street for the tourists was pretty dead since it was Thanksgiving. I was impressed that the street hawkers could speak all sorts of languages. If they saw an Asian tourist they'd start speaking Japanese to them. We also saw Amish tourists there, hahahaha. And I saw a Mexican tourist (from some other Mexican city) gawking at all the gringos. That hotel was cold heating in Mexican hotels I guess. Coronas were super cheap. Me and my sister got bombed.

I went to South Korea for 3 days when I was living in Japan. Weird floor heating in Korea. No one speaks English there and everyone stares big time at foreigners, even more than in Japan. Went to Peru for 2 days when I was living in Bolivia. Again cold hotel in Peru and in La Paz. Latin America just doesn't believe in heaters. Brrrrrrr.
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