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Hitler was the cherry on top of all the things that was wrong with the world, and especially in Germany. He would never have found the opportunity to get to where he got if it wasn't for the suffering and plight that the people were feeling. He didn't create that.

His popularity obviously came from the results he was achieving, which I guess was good enough for the German population. He (i.e. his party) managed to turn around the economy in record time, and so his methods could only be logically approved by the beneficiaries. Especially within a culture that strongly believes in efficiency and order.

I figure at that point it becomes easier to fit/add pieces to the state bureaucracy and then get blinded to the damages it causes and justify them. At some point--the point where Hitler became a "villain"--the state bureaucracy became so big that it was the only game in town. Even if people opposed the system, they'd probably be shamed into following it and, eventually, threatened.

The only similarity I notice between then and now (or at least the main one) is the American aversion to socialism, particularly as the opposite to neoliberalism. Anyone who sides with it is "anti-american", anti-democratic, supporter of China/Russia, etc. The US population has acheived its success by following one system (capitalism/neoliberalism), and so that system is logically approved with no criticism whatsoever, or any realization of its damages. All you need now is a state of emergency so you can dish out more of what worked, capitalism/neoliberalism, and eliminate all opponents and races that don't go along with what the system indoctrinates.

of course, unlike Hitler's 3rd reich, nothing seems to be turning around the lives of the common population--in the US or anywhere these days. so a repeat doesn't look like it'll happen at this point in time.

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