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Originally Posted by VIncymon View Post
Sometimes I catch myself thinking about the holocaust.

Do you know what scares me the most about the Holocaust ?
It's not Hitler himself. Hitler was just one man.

What scares me is that Hitler was able to convince an entire nation to partake in widespread genocide.

I mean seriously how can one man cause the deaths of millions ? He certainly can't do it on his own.

People always talk about how Evil Hitler was...but I often can't help but think ..."what about all the people that carried out the executions on his behalf ? what is their excuse ?"

When I think about it ...this is why the charge of "inciting violence" is something I think should always be taken seriously.
A charismatic speaker is the most dangerous weapon on earth.
Propoganda (look at posters, etc). He made out that culture to be nasty, big nosed, corrupt. Which for some familes of that culture is true. Basically by that culture doing those corrupt acts it just reinforced his propoganda.

Just listen to soldiers to see what I mean about how they were affected by the propoganda and how they viewed Stalin, etc.

Not hard to understand how it got so big. They thought they were removing the world of evil that would hurt people of their own country. Probably not far from the truth, but wrong way thy did it.

Allies used reverse propoganda stating they were that, evil.

Both sides think are doing right in their own way.

Allies just had more men, resources is to why they won.

Same propoganda being used in the US elections, etc. Just some might not notice it.
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