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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
I think the whole Hitler thing is so typical of what's wrong, TBH. Hitler was just some crazy dude who happened to be just good enough at public speaking to persuade the soft-headed masses into mindlessly following him down the path to insanity.

WW2 was not caused by Hitler. It was caused by mass stupidity. Hitler is a scapegoat for all the morons who followed him. We can't admit that Democracy could cause something so terrible. The idea that people are basically good is too close to the epicenter of how this happened for comfort.

If you have a system that defers to the wisdom of one man, you can have a Hitler. If you have a system that defers to the wisdom of the masses, you can have a Hitler. If you have a system that defers to the wisdom of scholars and experts (Technocracy - Which is more like what we actually have now), you can still have a Hitler (Because scholars and experts can still be zealots).

So I'm afraid of crowds.
I too think it is so easy to blame the holocaust on Hitler....I think that it is a mistake ...blaming the Holocaust on Hitler prevents us from evolving as a species....because Hitler didn't kill all those people was the masses of German people who for whatever reason blindly followed him

Unless we address this and really start teaching critical thinking in schools ...I think we are destined to repeat.

@nubly ....the way American Politics is now..a good enough republican or democrat could start a riot if he really wanted to...there are more than enough idiots on both sides to cause tragedy.
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