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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
Mmm this song shouldn't be good, but it is, it's a paradox!! I love it, I love how into it the dancing woman is getting.
Have you seen the originals? That's what makes it so funny to me because one of the songs is really dramatic:

One of the comments on the mashup lol:

"I can't drown my demons they know how to brlrlrlrluah ah ah ah"

"It's like the really annoying emo kid and the Russian exchange student made a song together"

"So mixing an English metalcore band with a Russian singer basically creates a weird French metal project."

Some people heard my words and thought it meant they knew me
Truth is, I don't exist, I'm just a soundtrack to your movie
Some background figure in a story that's already scripted
And what I feel's just felt for you to hear me ****ing spit it
I jump in many different heads through these words and poems
Always hoping maybe the next leap'll be my leap home

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