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Luvox, fluvoxamine, OCD, Anxiety

Hi everyone! I want to share my experience in hopes that you find OCD and/or anxiety relief without overwhelming fear of overdoing it. I ask that you please not judge the decisions of my excellent psychopharmacologist. Since a symptom of OCD is “significant worry and rumination”, I’d like to help any of you make the decision to be fearless and think outside the box when it comes to taking high-doses of medications or trying cocktails. Over the past decade I’ve tried [in order]:

1. ALL SSRI’s and Clomipramine.
2. SSRI’s with atypical antipsychotics
3. SSRIs, SNRIs, Atypicals + Benzos [all brands]
4. SSRI’s with ALL forms, flavors, and dosages of stimulants [Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, ect.]
5. MAOI: Nardil💞 [120mg] + Klonopin [3mg]
6. 1.5 years of NO medicine&only diet/exercise
7. Luvox [50mg-600mg]
8. Luvox Cr [600mg] + Tranxene + Ritalin
9. Luvox Cr [600mg] + Tranxene + Mydayis

As you can see, I take double the FDA’s maximum recommended dose of Luvox Cr. Please understand that dosage recommendations and just that—recommendations, not rules! This decision came shortly after having all “GeneSight” tests run and results interpreted.

For those of you not familiar with GeneSight testing, I’ll offer a brief explanation. My pdoc swabbed my mouth with a cotton swab, sent my DNA to GeneSight to have it analyzed, and GeneSight sent back several pages of simplified, yet very scientific, information. I had all three tests run: 1. Antidepressants, 2. Mood Stabilizers/Antipsychotics, 3. ADHD Stimulants. Each test organizes and lists all available medications, from each respective category, under a GreenLight [no gene-drug interaction], a YellowLight [moderate gene-drug interaction], and a Red-Light [significant gene-drug interaction].

Now here’s the kicker, Luvox came back under the RedLight [significant gene-drug interaction] for my body chemistry, but it told me WHY. I’m homozygous for ”ultra-rapid” metabolizing activity of liver enzyme CYP1A2, which metabolizes Luvox; hence, the test concluded that I’d need extremely high doses of the particular drug for it to be effective and to maintain steady-state plasma concentrations. Now, all of you understand why I take such a high dose of Luvox Cr.

Having failed all SSRI’s, Tricyclics, and Atypicals in the Green and Yellow columns, I decided to take a chance of the Luvox. I’m glad I did. It’s been such a significant contributor to the sustained success I’ve been experiencing. I’m now able to leave the house, be extremely social, travel abroad, and work.

With all that being said, please understand that we all have different body chemistries, and we will all respond differently to medications across all dose ranges. So, I encourage you to be pro-active and explore all available medication options. As a psychopharmacologist myself, I strongly encourage you to stop searching the web for medication descriptions and/or patient experiences; it will only make your ocd/anxiety worse. Neuropsychology is a field of medicine which we know VERY LITTLE about; we only have theories, unrealizable MRI data, and ever-changing predictions on “mechanisms of action” of medications. We’ve come a long way, but we still DON’T REALLY KNOW ANYTHING!

I wish you all the best of luck. You have all been here for me, and I’m here for you! 🙂
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