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I am new here

I dont know how to start this post . but i am befuddled as to what i am suffering from . when i was younger i had undiagnosed ocd . the typical closing a door over and over again constantly washing my hands etc . i managed to beat it without medication or therapy . for the past three years i have been in the hospital several times . with heart palpitations shortness of breath chest pain . i have ensured several test ctscan stress test echocardiogram etc . they cant find a problem the dr will diagnose me with anxiety .i find it hard to accept the diagnosis . i am a independent pro wrestler and musician i dont think of myself as a anxious or nervous individual . the one ailment that is tormenting me the most is the shortness of breath and the exagerrated startle response . when a phone rings or any kind of noise on the tv my heart feels like i am startled without actually being startled . on the topic of the shortness of breath. . i used to smoke but quit four years ago . i walk two miles a day dont run out of breath . my dr said if i had copd it would show up on the xray ctscan etc . thanks for any insight i apologize for the leangthy diatribe .
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