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It's not just having higher energy levels (which many do,) it's also wearing sunglasses having a big ego (because for some reason I stumbled on this video yesterday I think I clicked on it because the photo on the left in the thumbnail interested me):

I didn't realise The Devil Wears Prada was based on her, (makes sense though,) I've only heard that name before because of this song lol..:

If you want to be successful while alive then don't have high schizotypy. You'll be successful after you've died if at all. It's the anhedonia (and similar negative symptoms,) and daydreamyness that holds you back. Unless you're Dalí I suppose. but nobody's Dalí then again nobody's a business leader either so you know. Dalí was successful while he was alive because he wasn't very schizoid and also had narcissistic traits same with people like Marilyn Manson very flamboyant, narcissistic traits, that kind of profile. Vs Lovecraft who is like schizoid/paranoid profile and a different kind of eccentric.

Then as mentioned there's also connections/being born rich that plays into it. Not sure about parenting it seems that the super successful more often than not require rebellion to get there, unless they have everything handed to them. I feel like 'tiger mum' parenting makes you more successful then the average person but not really innovative or a leader.

It's clear that guidance is important though, otherwise you just turn into David Hahn:

Also I think a lot of these people are vaguely autistic, broad autism phenotype I guess. Explains some of the rigidity, social weirdness, and often obsession (special interest,) with whatever they build their career around.

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Yet another man lost to irony poisoning, cynicism, hyper-self awareness and the inability to be sincere.

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