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There are differences in the number of receptors, the sensitivity of those receptors, etc., between different people. Taking a pill doesn't duplicate another person's neurobiology; it just alters your own. Also, their behaviors are about much more than dopamine. There are all kinds of neurotransmitters and hormones involved, interacting in complex ways. And every one of those is also subject to individual variation, both genetic and epigenetic. So your question is closer to "how do smart people manage to be so smart?" Well, because they are.

Above and beyond biological factors, psychological and social factors also play a role. A person's identity is constructed to a large degree out of an individual's interpretations of their own experiences. If a person has developed an identity as a "go-getter", they will behave differently from a person who has not developed that kind of identity. There are probably all kinds of highly dysfunctional people with similar neurobiology who have simply grown up to be different kinds of people. A lot of them are probably criminals. Identity is influenced by biology, but it is not determined by it (cf. twin studies). Whether or not that identity is supported by others in their social milieu is also a factor.

Then, ofc, there are also things like the fact that it is easy to be optimistic when things are going well, which depends to a large degree on things like socioeconomic status, luck, etc. Optimistic people are more likely to take the kinds of risks that are necessary to rise to positions of power. They are also more likely to take the kind of risks that lead to failure. But we don't wonder about the neurobiology of failures, even though it may be essentially the same as those who succeed. (For example, I am, and always have been, an energetic and highly motivated person. I also have very good self-esteem. But my life is a dumpster fire in the path of an oncoming train. I have taken all kinds of risks with my life -- where I choose to focus my energy -- but none of them have resulted in wealth or status.)

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