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My one ear feels plugged up off and on. Is it cancer or just allergies?

Is it possible it's cancer or something. My ear feels plugged up off and on. Not really if it could be ear wax or allergies. Do allergies effect only one ear and not the other. Seems like some days it's worse than other, but it's usually the worst when I'm laying down. I'm not experience any other systems of anything like cancer. No ear pain, dizziness.

The hearing loss is off and on, just when it feels plugged up other than that it's pretty normal.

Rarely get ringing in ears.
Rarely get headaches.
No moles in the ear area that could become cancer.

It's weird my ear has been bugging me for most of the ear. It seems like it's allergies, but it's only effecting one ear and it's been feeling like it's plugged up. It seems like seems like it's like it's a lot worse when I lay down. Also it seems to effect my mom on the same days that effects me. At least on the days I'm complaining about it.
This has been bugging me for around 7 months this year. It also happened to me last year, but stopped during winter.

Am I just worrying too much. Is it just allergies, if it is can allergies effect just one ear.
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