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How do the "go getters" of this world apparently maintain elevated dopamine effects?

This is probably a gross oversimplification of brain activity, but lately I have been wondering how and why so-called "go-getters", the habitually energetic and motivated people who rise to become the leaders and innovators of the business, science, and other worlds, manage to maintain their controlled hypomanic-like brain function. Such people display behaviour that is normally associated with a sustained (lifelong) elevation in brain dopamine function and yet their brains never seem to hit any tolerance wall, as would happen if us unluckier ones tried to push our dopamine function higher than baseline every day. Their D1-D5 receptors never seem to become downregulated, nor their dopamine reserved depleted. I know it's about more than just dopamine but the same should apply to whatever other neurotransmitters, receptors, and brain areas are at work in their lives. Some would say it's their positive outlook that is responsible for their successes but as someone who is habitually low in energy and motivation I can tell you that "positive thinking" only takes you so far.

Any ideas?? I'd love to engage in some "controlled lifelong hypomania" if such a thing were possible but almost every story of people trying to hack their minds for greater productivity contains details of apparent receptor downregulation.

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