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ive never noticed the ratings on my blog (which prob means that no one rated it) and i guess it wouldn't matter to me, as long as they don't give me a negative rating for no reason i guess. i mean, a rating is not exactly informative - you don't know the exact reason why someone rated it that way.

if the blog is v personal i tend not to comment. so yeah i understand a lot of ppl might not want to comment on my blog because they don't know me well or because i spew a lot of negativity 'in the moment' and it might come across like i m off my rockers. but i don't see the need to censor myself on my own blog.

i appreciate any and all comments, even if they disagree with me as long as they are civil about it. self-righteous commenters are better off starting their own blogs XD

my otome tumblr blog

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