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Am I normal?

Every single day I live a ghost. I have no friends, I'm not close to anyone in my family, I live on my own so everyday just only me facing to 4 walls alone and have no one to talk to. I started loosing my language ability when I can't speak fluently even with simple things in life.

I'm also insecure about my body, I never take any pictures of myself, even portrait for my funeral. If I die by car hitting or be killed or some accident, nobody cares and there's nothing about me to post on internet.

I've never travelled to anywhere, never go to any big restaurants, splendid places, or musical festival or anybody's wedding, birthday... I lack a lot of social life experience, I have no real and stable job. I have no love. I have nothing...

And I'm 28. How would my life gonna be? Where's my future? What am I gonna be? What am I suppose to do? I'm freaking out. I don't know how to continue this life... I'm just trying to exist because of responsibility for my old and sick parents. Without them, I could end this easier...
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