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Originally Posted by Beatnik View Post
Yeah later in that post she said:

As for pictures and objects, they’re just reinforcing those sexist and violent perceptions of women.
So I guess what I'm asking is for her to expand on that. It's not clear to me that people see animated porn (of women,) as identical to women, in fact a lot of people who prefer animated porn seem to have trouble finding real women (or men,) attractive precisely because they're aware of those differences.

Anyway I'm not hugely invested apparently I have nothing better to do than avoid showering by coming back to post in this thread + listen to music + actually started to listen to more of that long *** Nyx Land schizotypy interview. Oh god she changed her entire twitter profile to be basic transgirl some time recently.

No stop ahhh. My eyes.

You should be.

It was so much cooler before with force femme'd gothy Nick Land or even force fem'd Nick Land Joker.

OK guys carry on.
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