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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
When I searched on Google for social anxiety forum with no quotation marks, SAS was the 20th result. When I used them, it was the second result. Then when I went back and refreshed it without the quotation marks again, it had gone up to being the tenth result.

Some of the other social anxiety forums are higher in the results, but from what I noticed, everything seems to move around at different times, like everything is in a random spot when you search and it doesn’t stay in the same place each time.
Sometimes that can be due to how many times it is searched for amongst other things.

Search engines usually only look at key words in the head of the website (or key words / websites that are registered with them).

Like if know the key words, type them in exactly as see them in the head of the website and see what happens.

Like for example if I use Red, Green, Blue key words in head of website.

If type Red it will be further down the result list.

If type Red, Green, further up the result list.

If type Red, Green, Blue and no other websites share the same key words, should be the only one.

The key is to use the correct key words.

But if key words are shared with other websites, yeah.
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