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Originally Posted by Whatswhat View Post
Relating to this. It's like we need socializing to feel good but it's hard to socialize properly when you have SA.

Do you mind me asking what app that pic is from?
Mood Log on android. I tested lots and lots of them and this one most closely matched what i wanted (was going to try to write one, but dont have the mental resources for that right now). It misses a lot of things reports wise I would like, but it lets you quickly log mood, and assign tags as well, so I can filter by tags and see what my mood is like (hinting at things that may improve my mood).

It's very very useful, would recommend.

Uni Work is 5.67 (surprising since I proctrastinate and avoid it).
Social interaction is 5.6
Gym is 4.9
Lonely is 3.1

Morning average is somewhere between 2 and 3
Evening average is maybe 6 ish.

So I need to be busy, get out of bed asap and start doing stuff, find things to do that let me interact with people, and keep going to the gym. I am going to be less slack with tags. They seem useful in determining exactly what boosts or reduces mood.

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