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Originally Posted by sanpellegrino View Post
What is with that? My mum and I are pretty headsy. Hopefully they came to some agreement, not fair you being in the middle.
I'm not completely sure what it is tbh. I'll say what I think part of it is - with my son at least.

I think when we're young we sort of think the world revolves around us. We haven't had the life experience to see things from other people's perspective - sometimes we put all the blame onto someone else (maybe a parent) and fail to see that we were in that relationship too - and so played a huge part in what happened.

One day he'll hopefully have kids of his own. He'll get a very different perspective on things then.

As for being in the middle - I love them both more than anything in the world, so I don't have much choice. I need to try and help them work this stuff out. And my son listens to me a lot more than his Mum. It gets a bit complicated but it's not too bad really.
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