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My Sunday to do list is done:

Important documents filled out ✔ DONE
Cat litter cleaned and cat fed ✔ DONE
Counters, desks, tables, drawers, chairs, sinks disinfected and cleaned ✔ DONE
Floors: broomed, vaccummed, and mopped ✔ DONE
Toilet: sparkly clean ✔ DONE
Dishes: washed ✔ DONE
Laundry ✔ DONE

Nowwwww... I mean. It's right there. Right in my closet. Everything I need to do is done. There are maybe 8-10 hours left in this day. Yesss... I could brush up on my knowledge about certain things to make me advance in my career, work on a few projects, buttttttt. Why not get a little buzz and buy a WoW subscription instead. Damn! Okay no. Maybe yes. Gas and the brakes. I'll stop when it starts feeling good. How about that?
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