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Originally Posted by harrison View Post
Great song. Before I played it I was trying to work out what the title was - it started with why don't you get ... and I instantly thought it was going to be ... get a life. (sounds like something I should think about doing again soon.)

Sounds like you're Mum's driving you nuts. I'm very glad my son doesn't live with his mother anymore. I'd have a lot more to worry about than whether her iPad is listening to her or not.
Lol it's a great song, it cheers me up. I think I might have to join that band wagon.

Yeahh, it's a little bit too b*tchy for my liking. She was away on holiday last week and my nerves have calmed something shocking. I think that's pretty normal. Hopefully gives you more time to relax! Is there still talks of the iPad? I really want to think it's just a virus or a little bit of paranoia.

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