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I identify with the OP. Despite a long career, I didn't really have an identity outside of work. I had no hobbies, really, though I've had my share of hobbies throughout my life. I was simply existing in an apartment and not living a very healthy lifestyle.

I knew I was at peace in nature, so I found my piece of land in eastern Tennessee. I have more hobbies and projects than I can count that lay ahead of me and I'm fortunate to maintain my income while telecommuting as well.

For now, my main project is surviving a whole house renovation, even though a contractor is doing it, it's still a lot of time I have to invest, a lot of decisions to make, and a lot of checks to write.

I've also gotten a new puppy which is giving me a new purpose as well.

So...bottom line...I made the conscious decision to put myself neck deep in the middle of an environment that will force me to figure out an entirely new lifestyle...and that is my purpose.
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