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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
No I just said in the previous post the pattern doesn't bother me at all.

I didn't really realise until I saw those images everyone was photoshopping because it was particularly severe. But as a child I do remember once being mildly disgusted by some air bubbles in a chocolate bar so maybe it came from that weird mental moment.

Other stuff that weirds me out is like when I googled cucumbers in vaginas recently as you do, (or something similar, using cucumber as a dildo something like that,) and a woman had put three in at the same time that triggered a milder version of the same reaction I get from the weird skin photos (yes so to check I did it again and found the image she has three in and isn't using them in a penis-like way so it's just bad to me.) Sometimes shower heads will create an even milder effect.

The other stuff you mentioned don't bother me either afaik.
Could you pm me the link to the picture of the 3 cucumbers? Paradoxically, I kinda want to and don't want to see it, but also I can't imagine what is going on or visualize what you mean so I kinda need to see it. When you said it isn't in a penis-like way, then that got me really curious because this is now conflicting with what I had imagiimed when you initially said that a woman had inserted 3 cucumbers.

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