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Maybe wait until "the coast is really really really clear" before indulging again, like maybe once all of your debts are paid off and you're comfortable/confident in your new job. Things may appear to be going good/going in the right direction but can take a sharp turn the other way for unknown reasons too... so have to be careful.. can't "celebrate" too early even if you think you have all the cards.

How do you get the drinks though? Do you buy or it's around the house? If you bought them yourself you could try and rationale that you're wasting surplus money you can't afford to spend atm (because debts aren't paid back yet). Once everything's settled though then you can loosen up and start going a bit wild again lol..

As for the moderation I'm not sure how to fix that, I have an addictive-style temperament too (+ mild OCD) which attaches itself to random habits if I'm not careful, especially if starved of certain life qualities.

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