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Ugh, I definitely wonder if social media has a play in it and people are just delusional and self obsessed but I don't want to be that dreary. I have tried other age groups but the younger kids around here (college town) are oftentimes super immature and annoying, and I've had good conversation with older people, particularly the elderly, but they seem to take this stance that I'm too young for them, like I'll try to initiate conversation with them and they only half engage and talk to me, I imagine, as if I were their grandchild lol. A very good friend who I only see occasionally lives in a big, bustling city, and she's complained of similar things. She's done the activity based meetups, board games, etc. and she says she's never made connections through any of it, people seem to go to these things if only to fill their time or they treat as a kind of entertainment. It's interesting to see the generational gap that exists, as I've never seen groups of 30's and 40's chatting in coffee shops, they're always alone and on their phone or computer, but I'll see hoards of old people socializing. I really hope I don't have to wait until I'm elderly to make solid connections with people. It's disheartening to overcome SA type symptoms, to get out there and try and fail repeatedly. And while I wonder what I'm doing wrong, I don't think it's just me, I'm pleasant, articulate and I often encourage people to talk, I'm not rude or pushy, I think people have just grown to be really, really lazy.
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