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Originally Posted by Txlips View Post
Iím gonna post another update because why not
So Iíve been talking to that girl in science more, which is good. Also, today in pe we were walking the track, and I walked with the girls who Iíve been talking to. Iíve think I worked pretty hard today when talking to them. I basically would say what came to my mind, and I would try to start conversations without worrying about saying something stupid, which is what I usually do. I canít really tell if weíre clicking or not, and Iím still really new at this friend making thing. I donít really know if they like me, itís hard to tell as of now.
Anyway, I know I may not have explained this too clearly, so if anyone has any questions, then please ask. Iíd love to read through some more advice if anyone has any. Thank youuu
Good job continuing to talk with the girls. Clicking with someone and having chemistry is difficult to judge sometimes. But if they keep talking to you its a very good sign. If they didn't like you they will start avoiding you and not really talk to you. They will just give you one word responses to your questions and not really be interested in chatting. Is there one particular girl you are really interested in or the group of girls as a whole?
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