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Originally Posted by truant View Post
I live in Canada. We have "universal" healthcare, which means, you can go to the ER, clinics, or family physicians for free. (Good luck getting a family doctor, though.) Unfortunately, it doesn't cover anything else: prescription medication, dental, eye care, dermatology, therapy, etc. If you need any of that, you have to pay out of pocket. Most people have health insurance through work or school, which covers some of these costs, but I'm self-employed and can't afford health insurance. I also don't qualify for any kind of govt assistance. So, for me, medication, dental, new glasses, therapy, etc., are essentially inaccessible.

I think the work I need on my teeth might go a bit beyond that, lol. I had a crooked dentist when I was a kid who gave me tons of fillings I didn't need and basically destroyed all my molars. (He did that to a bunch of people and lost his license.) So now my teeth are constantly cracking and breaking and my dentist says I need to get crowns. Also, my two front teeth are fake, because I broke them a long (long) time ago, and they're badly stained because I can't afford to replace them. So I have a pretty disgusting smile. But I don't have thousands of dollars for dental work. Do they teach you how to correct TMJ? Because I could use a fix there, too, lol.

And thanks.

How do you do with expensive meds? I know that in the US (and probably Canada) meds are very expensive compared to here. I checked randomly the price of a med called "Arcoxia 120mg" and the prices are simply laughable. Even the lowest price I have seen is 4 times the price we pay here.

I can't even imagine the price of expensive meds like "Cosentyx" which costs nearly 2000 euros over here ...

Makes me realise how "socialist" Europe has become. You nearly get everything for free and people who work pay for that and get "**** on the face" in return.
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