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Originally Posted by truant View Post
There's no cure for Meniere's, I don't think, though there's stuff like Gravol for treating nausea. And I can't really afford to go see a specialist about it anyway.

My dizziness doesn't seem to be tied to other people at all. It's just always sort of there. Though it's worse some days than other days. My vertigo is as bad when I'm at home alone as when I'm out dealing with other people. And it's not related to patterns at all.

It sounds like yours is related to anxiety (probably aggravated by fatigue). You can have physical symptoms of anxiety without being consciously aware that you're anxious. If you're preoccupied with something else, like a rush of customers at work, for example, you're not paying attention to the anxiety, but it is still there in the body creating symptoms.

The other possibility is low blood pressure, which I also have. That makes me black out if I stand up too fast, and I've almost fainted quite a few times because of it. But it's not related to my vertigo.
We'll low BP is a thing which can cause fainting or dizziness because fainting is insufficient blood to the brain. Standing up causing a faint or diziness is just orthostatic hypotension where the blood is pulled down to the legs by gravity and away from the brain. It should equalise in time to prevent fainting completely but it's what people call a headrush. It's very common. When I was a teeneger, I got that A LOTbut only ever fainted once. I never get it anymore.

Dizziness or fear of fainting brought on by anxiousness is a totally different thing. Anxiety almost never ever causes a faint because the panic of the oncoming "faint" increases the BP enough to physiologically make a faint almost impossible. The anxiety or panic is making your BP do the exact opposite of what you need to faint or fall over. This I always try to remember.

The other thing I forgot to mention is PPPD which is persistent postural perceptual diziness. That can be a lagging of prolonging of dizziness that doesn't seem to clear up once a pathology had been treated. An example might be an inner ear infections that goes away after treatment but for some reason the dizziness or vertigo doesn't go away. I think it's to do with the brain "forgetting" how to resynchronize itself after an upset to balance or vestibular system. I think the person needs rehabilitated. So maybe you should think back to if you had something medical, like an ear infection, they maybe you've forgotten about a long time ago where your balance hasn't reset.

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