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Originally Posted by Txlips View Post
I thought I would make an update and tell you guys about the things I’ve been doing, even if you don’t really care lol.
I’ve been making some small talk with a girl I sit by in science, which I think had been going pretty well so far.
I gave someone a compliment, which I don’t really do very often.
I’ve been talking to a couple girls in my pe class a little bit (one of them is the one I complimented).
Yes we all care on this site. Good job with the small talk with the girls. Since you have made some small talk the next step is to ask them out on a date if you want to. Invite her to something specific. “Do you want to hang out sometime?” is much different than, “Would you like to see a movie on Friday night?” If you are vague with your invitation, she can be vague with her answer. Instead, give her a specific event that you'd like to take her to, and she can give you a concrete answer.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.
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