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Originally Posted by truant View Post
Pretty sure it's Meniere's.

Tbh, I'm not really sure what people mean by "brain fog". I keep seeing that mentioned as a symptom for anxiety/depression, but I've never had anything like that. My thinking is generally (painfully) crystal clear all the time. Though my memory is pretty ****ing awful.
Sounds like the symptoms of menieres. I think menieres can be treated. Altho, the head movement thing you describe sounds like BPPV too. A Dix-hallpike test would help diagnose that and BPPV can be sorted by doing Epley maneuver excersises. Another thing you can do is an Unterberger test which can help diagnose in which ear the problem is, n altho this might be unsafe for you as you sound likely you'd fall over and could hurt yourself unless you're supervised.

Brain fog feel like your head isn't clear. It's like a vague, annoying feeling as if your head feels like it's full of cotton wool or it feels heavy. Sometimes it even can feel like your vision is somehow off a bit or things seem dimly lit. Or maybe a bit tensiony-headachey.

Does your dizziness get worse in crowded environments or supermarkets? Do strongly patterned places such as carpets or movement of things like traffic make it worse?

Things like mild and transient episodes of lightheadedness and feeling like you're going to fall over or fear of fainting is something I have suffered from in the past. It's something I had years ago which went away for years. Most days now for the past year on and off I've been getting it. I hate it. Sometimes I can get it to go away for days or even weeks. So obviously I know all the things and terms above because I've been researching it and ruled out everything from BPPV to menieres myself. I'm really sure it's just something related to low mood or anxiousness about that specific symptom. I don't even feel anxious at all, but I have read that sometimes the ONLY symptom of anxiousness is lightheadedness or dizziness. I even think it could be triggered by lack of sleep. I don't think I quite get enough sleep.

I feel mostly okay walking. I'm fine sitting or lying down. (Walking is is a more neurologically and physical complexity involving proprioception and balance than standing ) It's when I have to stand still in a queue or if i meet someone outside to stop and talk . I have to be near an object such as a fence or wall or car or tree etc so i know I have a psychological comfort of being able to rest me hand or foot or lean or even just be near that object which provides relief from the thought I might feel off balance. If I meet them in the middle of an open space that's hell because I have nothing to grab onto or rest against and that's when the fear of fainting or losing balance feelings happen . Sometimes all this goes away. I have managed to think myself out of this. It's the anxiousness-dizziness-anxiousness-dizziness cycle. It's so ****ken hard to break it. Ugh. Yet have I ever ever fell over or fainted? No. If it was going to, it would've been many times by now.

What's so silly and paradoxical is that my work is I'm always on me feet. I don't work in a place where it's sitting. So I spent a lot of hours on my feet walking around operating stuff , lifting, carrying, communicating to people all the time, and a shift once a week being in the front line in a busy, noisy, hot environment in front of many members of the public and I've never fell over or lost my balance. Ok, in not out in a wide open space as it's a fairly tight space inside the workplace but you'd think that'd reassure me that I'm not going to lose balance standing for maybe a few minutes in a queue or talking to someone standing still for five minutes outside? That makes no sense.

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