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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
Damn that is several people's worth of problems. I'm sorry.

My dad had some similar health issues I think but slightly less severe sounding (don't think he mentioned pain all over his body,) but he had to have a colonoscopy. I think it took a while to set up too but can't remember how long now, and then they kind of messed up communication towards the end so I still don't know what happened with that because I think he was supposed to be referred for more tests or something that didn't happen? And I don't think he knows either :/ but it's been a few years and I think the problem resolved itself. At least the symptoms seem to be gone for now.

I hope it's nothing serious and your symptoms will improve over time.
My luck is so predictably awful other people have often commented on it. Neuropathic pain is a common side-effect of autoimmune disorders, which GI disorders (controversially) fall under. So I think my condition is just deteriorating.

I had a scope several years ago, and I was supposed to follow that up every couple of years, but I haven't had any problem until recently. My stress has been crazy for the last year or so, though, so I'm hardly surprised. Chronic stress is incredibly toxic. Hope your dad stays well.

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