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Stopped seeing friends/making effort

I used to try very hard to make friends and maintain friendships. I must say I did pretty well for an introvert. For several years I actually had many friends and did fun stuff together. Then I graduated and realized many of my friends were just there cause we went to the same school.. which really disappointed me.

I thought all my effort won't matter so I gave up making and maintaining friendships. I was only left in my life with one bestfriend (that I've known since I was and one other friends from college I saw not really often. All my other friends.. like 6 people from college just left. Stopped talking.

I also got a boyfriend and then things got worse.. I also stopped seeing the 2 friends I had left and that ended up in not seeing any friends anymore. Only rarely. I live with my boyfriend and one person around me can be even too much sometimes. I literally don't even want to hangout with friends anymore, cause it's so much effort for me. I had to push myself to see my only 2 friends left, but that took me a long time to actually make plans.

Idk anymore.. I kinda want a social life, but it's also too much for me. I started liking being alone, but I also know it's not always healthy... Should I put more effort on making/seeing/maintaining friends... and probably get disappointed again when they leave... or just do nothing and go with my natural loner flow..
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