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Originally Posted by melancholyscorpio View Post
Have you ever thought about trying the social anxiety meetup in Sydney? Don't know if it's any good, but I was looking at it a few years ago when I was staying up there with my sister. You might be able to make a few more friends.
I've been to a few meetup outings. It wasn't so bad. It's a bit awkward because most people in the group already know each other.

I'm more anxious now so have trouble motivating myself to attend any. I join meetup groups but just lurk at the events.

I just feel sad and disappointed with the situation with my friend. We met in high school but how we interact most times seems like we just met.

We're both awkward in different ways so that's why. I'm just hurt because she doesn't care about me. It's always about her. When she was so close to her brother and we would hang out, she would always choose him. Always go off with him. And I felt like the third wheel.

And now after we go out she always says bye in such an awkward way!! It makes me so uncomfortable. I don't understand why she can't say bye normally, like normal friends do.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I remember you mentioning that a while ago and that it upset you. Maybe it's more to do with her though - maybe it's her own anxiety?

Did you ever talk about serious things when you were younger - things that were upsetting you etc? That's how you get to really know someone. Maybe if you didn't that's why you guys talk like you've just met. (sorry if that's not the case though)
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