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Living with Social Anxiety

I'm just wondering how others cope with this, hopefully someone will respond. I'm not going to lie I have really bad ways of coping right now I try my best or I convince myself I do anyway. But I dont truly push myself to overcome certain obstacles. I dont know why it's as if I understand what I need to do and feel as if I'm too insignificant or unable to accomplish almost anything to the point that I feel like simply withdrawing into myself(I suffer from depression as well) even through this loneliness eats me apart when I allow that to be the case. Any thoughts about any of this would be appreciated anyway. I hope everyone else is dealing with their situations well. I find the connection between a lack of self confidence and anxiety around others especially those whose opinions we care about most a strange beast and one that I find myself at odds with constantly. I've never personally liked myself though and social anxiety and KNOWING there were things wrong with me never helped.
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