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Hello. I’ve been experimenting with using over the counter supplements for anxiety ... my main goal is to try and slow down my racing thoughts. I’ve found that if I don’t have all of these crazy scenarios flying around in my head, I actually feel kind of “normal “ if you will. I’m able to at least communicate somewhat, even look people in the eye ... I do know I seem to be pretty sensitive to not only what and how the person I’m talking to is saying but also their inflection on how they are saying it ... also, I think I’m more sensitive to a persons facial expression as well ( I just recently read this about people with SA and how sensitive we can be to facial expressions which sometimes causes us anxiety )
So, anyways I would suggest getting an over the counter supplement with Ashwagandha , L-theanine and magnesium in the ingredients ... maybe double up on the dose the day of your interview .., the idea is to calm your mind as much as possible ... if you are calm you can do anything ... am I right ?
Good luck ! You’ll be fine !
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