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Originally Posted by KILOBRAVO View Post
What is your native language , @smoothlinghs ? Your English is probably a million times better than what would happen if I tried to learn your native language and English is really difficult unless you are native of it. So believe me, you are doing well. It has loads of traps and weird spellings and even letters that are in words that you don't even pronounce! . I just dont have the type of brain that can learn languages.
I don't want to say.

Thanks, I wish you could replace my English teacher and give me better scores than she does . I wanted to ask how popular English is in other countries because I am so frustrated to study English and in English. I am so frustrated with folks speaking more and more English. It is not only a slang of teens anymore but it comes also into workplaces etc. I was thinking if anyone has any national pride left or is this same change happening everywhere.
I have no anything against English as a language per se but I would not want my language to be replaced with it.

No, I don't speak English and that is a secret of my happiness!
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