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In a big school, you can't control the comings and goings and scheduling of friends and acquaintances. Unless you're with them 100% of the time, everyone drifts apart to some degree.

That said, in a big school you will end up making the same mutual friends that your old friends make (simply because you have the same type of personalities). As time goes by, you'll actually make a large circle of friends with old and new, and you won't even need to introduce each other. But it takes a while for that to happen, might take a whole year to see this effect.

For now, the only thing you can control, is to participate in class. By just raising your hand and making a comment out loud, some other student is going to remember and become an icebreaker topic of conversation in the future. The more often you participate the more you'll be in people's consciousness (though sometimes they can be hit/miss, but the point is to do it and get used to participating) and the more reason they will have to talk with you.

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