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confronted my manager about something that was bothering me

A fair amount of my possible social anxiety focuses on people who I see as authority figures even if I think they are really nice, so I tend to get very anxious if I am going to talk to someone like a boss about anything more than casual conversation(if my boss wasn't as nice as she can be casual conversation might be included). Well, actually I guess I went to talk to her about about something and she knew what I was going to say before I finished, but because I actually started the conversation I feel like that is a big accomplishment for me. My coworker had received something for being with the company for x amount of time and I hadn't got anything though I had been there longer than her so I felt kind of weird about that but I think I was worried about sounding greedy or something. I asked the manager if I should have got what my coworker got as well and she said I should have and emailed someone higher up and I got it within a few days.
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