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Social Anxiety in high school

Hello I just discovered this forum so I thought I would try it out. Iíve had an extremely hard time making friends for my entire life. Iím currently a junior in high school, and the fact that I havenít really made a good group of friends, or even one friend is really starting to freak me out. Iíve always been okay with the way things have been, but now Iím starting to feel sad and lonely all the time, and I just canít take it anymore.
Iíve been able to make acquaintances/friends each school year, but I havenít really made any friends that have stuck. After each year, I never keep in touch with these people anymore, and they stop talking to me. I just donít know how to take that extra step and make them a real friend. At the end of each year, I always regret not talking to people as much as I shouldíve. The new school year just started a couple weeks ago, and Iím afraid the same thing will happen again, and it really scares me. If I canít make friends now, I donít know how I ever will. Itíll lead to a sad and lonely life that I really donít want for myself.
Well, I guess Iíll stop there. Please leave tips if you have any, and feel free to ask questions if thereís anything else you need to know in order to help. Thanks!
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